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About  Us   

Spacgong are a quartet based in the North East of England. We have been developing our own unique sound through our own compositions  and re imagining a wide range of pieces from different musical genres including but not exclusively,   jazz, rock, funk, pop, classical and film soundtracks particularly those of a science fiction or horror nature!
We try to create a rich and varied musical experience for our audience. We seriously love playing the music we do, and we hope this is shared by the au

Spacegong are:   

Saxophone: Dave Keighley

David Keighley, AKA Davey Sax.

North east saxophonist Dave has been playing over 25 years and has played in many and most types of music and formats. He had private lessons from the great Tommy Moran for seven years then a two year music course at Newcastle college . He has gigged in most types of venues, clubs, theatre work, holiday camps, shows etc etc. Dave plays in many styles but his love is jazz, avant garde,free jazz and soundscapes noir film music. He has worked with Ben Grant for over 20 years in a few great local jazz formats, Interzone 4 and The New Jazz Quartet etc. Spacegong  is a long time dream of Dave and Ben.

Bass Guitar: Adrian Sander
Adrian brings a wealth of musical experience and talent to the band. As well as playing he loves collecting basses from far and wide. He is has a wide range of musical tastes which is reflected in his composition's and playing styles. A founder member of the band along with Dave and Ben.
 Electronics: Liam Hiatt
Liam  has been creating music in one form or another for the last 25 years. He plays a multitude of instruments from around the world and is also an accomplished producer. He has toured extensively in his time and has played in countless different musical outfits exploring different sounds and experimenting with varied musical attitudes.

Drums: Ben Grant

Yorkshire born drummer has been playing for over 20 years, first cutting his teeth in jazz with the Avant Garde Interzone 4 and New Jazz Quartet along with saxophonist Dave Keighley during the 1990's. Then with the infamous Charles Gordon for nearly 15 years.  Dave and Ben remained friends and finally realised their dream of running theit own jazz band, and hence the DB Jazz Project was born. The aim to develop their own sound and create original material. Soon joined by like minded musicians Adrian Sander, Thomas Macmillan and now Liam Hiatt. Spacegong continues to flourish. Dave and Ben also run the alter ego of Spacegong, the Jazz Clams.

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